Notary Services


First, contact us to make an appointment.

Second, we use the following guidelines to notarize your document:

-You must sign in front of the notary public.
-You must present a valid ID.
-You must bring the entire document, not just the signature page to be notarized.
-A notary must ensure the document is dated the same day as the notarization or earlier, but never later.
-The document must have an oath or acknowledgement language on it.

These are adequate forms of ID to bring:

-A current Georgia driver’s license or identity card
-A current foreign passport
-A current US Passport
-A current driver’s license or identity card issued by another state, a US territory, Canada or Mexico
-A Permanent Resident Card or “Green Card”

If you do not have these forms of ID, other acceptable IDs must have these 4 elements:

-The card or document is issued by a government agency.
-It has a number assigned by that agency.
-It has a picture of the holder.
-It has the signature of the holder.

Social security cards, birth certificates, check cashing cards, credit cards and immigration cards are not suitable for identification.  If a signer does not have a photo ID, then they will need two witnesses present who can swear to his/her identity in order to be certified. The oaths of the affirming witnesses are satisfactory evidence for certification.